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Music + Manifesting >>> It's 2017 babes!

Posted on 03 January 2017

Is anyone else freaking out that it is 2017?! I mean, I swear I was just preparing for Y2K! I don't know if it's that I just turned 30 and feeling extra good about it, or that this year seems like it is going to be extra amazing, but I am more than ready!

With my birthday being towards the end of December I think it is just automatically ingrained in me to really reflect and release at the end of the year in order to manifest the best year possible. 

Speaking of manifesting, raise your hand if you are all for it?! I AM! I have been creating vision boards since I was a teenager and journaling my thoughts and aspirations since I was a wee one. I am 100% a believer that thoughts become things and have had many things happen to prove it (just ask if ya wanna). 

Below are a couple of my favorite ways to manifest the best year possible and beyond. Try one, try them all, but just know that you will feel so much more grounded about the whole transitioning into a new year. 

Aaaaaand I may have put a new Spotify playlist at the bottom to listen to while you get all those positive vibes flowing. 

Boho Beach Babe Website Blog 2017

(Aila Blue bikini + kimono) 


1. Create a vision board: Gather all your favorite quotes, images, and goals and put them together in one place. The goal is to make something that you want to look at every day. The more you visualize and believe in your dreams, the more often they will come true. 

2. Create an alter: This may be too out there for you but if you are like me and have all the crystals and spiritual goodies, then you need a special place to put them. I find that it brings me peace when I look at it, pass by it or really spend time there. Add crystals, tarot cards, candles, succulents, flowers, whatever your heart desires! 

3. Journal:  Last year I set a goal for myself, journal at least once a day. And wow, what an amazing thing it was. The best part being this last week when I looked back through the 366 plus pages of my thoughts, gratitude, and dreams and saw all the things I truly manifested. Even if it's just one sentence a day, write something down, anything. I think a sentence of gratitude will fill you up with the most joy. 

3. Take Action!!: This is absolutely the most important of all the above to manifest your dreams. Without some action every day towards your dream life there will be no dream life. Yes, you might get lucky and win the lotto but what would you do with those earnings to experience your dreams. Even if it's just a few minutes a day, do something positive for yourself! For me personally, I am taking time every day to dive deeper into my astrology and tarot card practice. Even if it is 10 minutes, it is something!

What are your goals this year babes? What would you like to manifest in 2017?

Let us know in the comments below! Happy 2017!



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  • Emily : January 04, 2017

    Love it, good stuff Noelle !!

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