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WE THREE 🎂 {a SALE + some thoughts on this milestone} 😊

Posted on 13 April 2017

 Yowza, my head is slightly spinning because WE ARE THREE! That may not seem like a long time for all of you, but damn it seems like an entire lifetime for me!

Noelle Huerta Boho Beach Babe

04.14.14: The day I officially launched Boho Beach Babe, the day my completely shattered heart began to slowly be put back together and the day I watched myself become the much more resilient and stronger woman that I am today.

From the outside, Boho Beach Babe may seem like just an online swimwear boutique but to those who really know me and the brand, they know that it is much more than that. It is a place where a woman can find a bikini that makes them feel confident AF, where they can read my monthly posts on health, music, mindfulness, love...it is a journey, it is a lesson, it is SO much more than just a store. Being a Boho Beach Babe, is a lifestyle, a feeling, a breathing soul.

A Boho Beach Babe is confident but reserved, she is loving but tough, she is kind and giving, she is a bad ass, she is a free spirit that will shine in, out and all around you. It is you, it is me.  

Noelle Huerta Boho Beach Babe

{from my most recent trip to Hawaii where I directed a photoshoot for Strait Swim}


This past year has been a journey for sure, in terms of the business and in terms of my personal life. It was full of MANY ups and downs and MANY crossroads where I had to take every ounce that I have learned in the last three years to move forward with a full and honest heart.

You may have noticed (or not) but I have taken a step back slightly from the business. I felt that it was starting to suffocate me and I wasn’t feeling like I fully aligned with it anymore. And instead of running it to the ground or it becoming something that I was not, I instead let it breathe. Instead of the fast and short almost forced breathes, I let it slow down and breathe on its own. I let myself pour into other projects that I connected with, I allowed myself to travel and to just live. I really acknowledged that these moments and projects were good, that they were right, that they wouldn’t have been there without the experiences that I gained by building my business. 

And you know what? It was the best thing that I could’ve done for myself and for my business. By taking a step back I can now take many steps forward in the right direction and with more confidence and heart. It made me realize where my true soul lies. It lies with you. The women who I touch in even the smallest ways possible. The women I want to inspire to become the best versions of themselves. The women who acknowledge their vulnerability and their big-heartedness with no shame or fear. YOU are the reason I am here. And I thank YOU for being by my side all these years.


Noelle Huerta Boho Beach Babe

Thank you for letting Boho Beach Babe evolve and continue to evolve alongside you. 

Here is to always keep on keeping on!


Look at these photos from the week of launch! 

Noelle Huerta Boho Beach Babe

{04.12.14 - what zero sleep and two days before launching a website looks like!}


 Noelle Huerta Boho Beach Babe

{04.14.14 - launch night and one of the best moments of my life}

 What a wild ride!!!


Oh and how about a SALE?! Enjoy 30% off until 4/21!

Just use code: WETHREE at checkout at www.bohobeachbabe.com

And for those in the San Diego, we are celebrating with a Pop-Up Shop
Boho Beach Babe Culture Brewing Solana Beach

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  • Britney : May 14, 2017

    You’re amazing, Noelle!!!

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